12:00PM 28.380 USB 10-10 INTERNATIONAL NET

                      10:00PM 443.750 PL OF 114.8 CHICAGO IL, NIGHT WATCH NET CHICAGO

                      12:00AM 224.520 PL OF 110.9 CHICAGO IL, THE NIGHT CRAWLER NET (MIDNIGHT)



                    4:30PM 3.905 STATE WIDE ARES NET 1ST & 3RD SUNDAYS (HF NET)

                    6:30PM 145.210 PL OF 107.2 NEW LENOX IL, WILL COUNTY ARES

                    7:30PM 145.110 PL OF 123.0 MONROE WI, GREEN CO ARES/RACES NET

                    8:00PM 147.375 PL OF 100.0 BELVIDERE IL, BIG THUNDER NET

                       8:00PM 146.850 PL OF 114.8 STERLING IL, WHITESIDE CO. NET

                       8:00PM  146.910 PL OF 127.3 MILWAUKEE WI, THE PUBLIC SERVICE NET


                       7:00PM 146.610 PL OF 114.8  ROCKFORD IL, RARA INFO NET

                       8:00PM 146.970 PL OF 82.5 DIXON IL, LEE COUNTY NET

                       8:30PM 146.730 PL OF 100.0 DEKALB IL, KISHWAUKEEE AMATEUR RADIO NET


                       7:00PM 146.760 PL OF 107.2 CHICAGO IL, EAST METRO SATERN NET                      

                       7:00PM 145.450 PL OF 123.0 JANESVILLE WI, ROCK CO. PUBLIC SERVICE NET

                       9:00PM 147.165 PL OF 146.2 OREGON IL, OGLE CO. AMATEUR RADIO NET     


                       6:30PM 145.470 PL OF 103.5 ST. CHARLES IL, KANE CO. ARES/SKYWARN                

                       7:00PM 147.390 PL OF 114.8 FREEPORT IL, STEPHENSON CO. ARES NET

                       7:30PM 147.120 PL OF 123.0 BELOIT WI, GREATER BELOIT AMATEUR RADIO             

                       8:00PM 147.390 PL OF 114.8 FREEPORT IL, WEDNESDAY EVENING SWAP NET


                       7:00PM 147.195 PL 114.8 ROCKFORD IL, NORTHERN ILLINOIS ARES/SKYWARN       

                       7:00PM 146.730 PL 100.0 MALTA IL, DEKALB ARES

                       7:00PM 146.970 PL OF 107.2 HINSDALE IL, SLOW SCAN TV NET

                       8:00PM 443.275 PL  114.8 FREEPORT IL, SATERN NET ZONE 6 EDS

                       8:00PM 146.715 (DIGITAL) CLINTON WI, SYSTEM FUSION DIGITAL NET

                       8:00PM 28.490 WILL/COOK COUNTIES 10 METER NET


                      8:00PM 146.610 PL OF 114.8 ROCKFORD IL, FRIDAY NIGHT FUN NET

                      8:00PM 147.330 PL OF 107.2 BOLINGBROOK IL, SSTV NET

                      9:00PM 28.415 MCHENRY IL, MCHENRY 10-10 NET


                      8:00PM 146.910 PL OF 127.3 MILWAUKEE WI, PINK HAMSTERS NET 

                      9:00PM 146.910 PL OF 127.3 MILWAUKEE WI, JUST FOR FUN NET



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